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Alexandra Levick

Ever since I was young, I have loved books; I toted copies of my favorite stories everywhere I went and even had a collection of flashlights hidden in my room (you know, just in case one was taken away after I was caught reading past my bedtime). Now, I am honored to be working with the bestselling and award-winning authors I have long admired. 

I am currently an assistant to two senior literary agents at Writers House, LLC. working toward my dream of becoming an agent in my own right. Previously, I worked with Writers House Senior Vice President, Merrilee Heifetz, for nearly two years and covered senior agent, Stephen Barr's, paternity leave. I have also worked as a bookseller, as well as on the house side of the business in publicity. In 2015, I graduated from New York University with my Masters of Science in Publishing: Digital and Print Media, with a specialization in Media Content Development.

There is nothing I love more than championing a cause I hold dear, whether that be a particular title, author, or even a former intern who is competing for a top-job in publishing. I'll never be beat-out for passion. 

2015- M.S. Publishing: Digital and Print Media / New York University

2013- B.A. English with a concentration in Creative Writing / University of Rochester 

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