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Alexandra Levick

Ever since I was young, I have loved books. I toted copies of my favorite stories everywhere I went and even had a collection of flashlights hidden in my room (you know, options, just in case one was taken away after I was caught reading past my bedtime). Now, I am honored to be working with the bestselling and award-winning authors I have long admired. 

I am a junior literary agent at Writers House, LLC. developing my picture book, middle grade, young adult, and adult lists while working with senior agents Brianne Johnson and Rebecca Sherman. Previously, I worked with Writers House Senior Vice President, Merrilee Heifetz, for two years and covered senior agent, Stephen Barr's, paternity leave. I have also worked as a bookseller in both the adult and children’s markets, as well as on the house side of the publishing business in publicity. In 2015, I graduated from New York University with my Masters of Science in Publishing: Digital and Print Media, with a specialization in Media Content Development.

There is nothing I love more than championing a cause I hold dear, whether that be a particular title, author, or even a former intern who is competing for a top job in publishing. I'll never be beat-out for passion. 

M.S. Publishing: Digital and Print Media / New York University

B.A. English with a concentration in Creative Writing / University of Rochester 

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Testimonial from author Ashley Blooms

'...I was so nervous during the querying process. The thing that worried me most was how I would know when I found the right agent. How could I ever be totally sure that I had found the right person to represent my work?

But then I spoke with Allie on the phone. She called to make a formal offer of representation, but also to talk to me about my novel and her process and her goals as an agent. We talked for about an hour that first time and the more that we spoke, the easier it became. We laughed and joked and talked about why we were in this business as agent and writer. She told me what she loved most about my novel and the things she thought could be strengthened. She seemed to be the perfect balance between passion and practical business savvy. Allie shares my belief that stories are powerful things with enormous potential to do good in the world. She cares deeply about many of the same issues that fuel my work, like the inner lives of women, trauma and violence and how we work through pain toward something hopeful, and a love for language in all its flexibility and beauty.

When we ended the call that day, I already knew that I wanted to work with Allie. I believed with all my heart that she cared about my book. That she really understood what I was trying to do and wanted to help me make it stronger. I believed that she would fight to find the right home for my novel and would stick by me and support my future projects. I trusted her then and I still do now.

So all that worrying and confusion turned out to be dispelled by a single phone call with the right agent. I suppose it’s like a lot of scary choices that I’ve made in life—I just had to listen to my gut.’

Selected from Ashley’s interview with Karen McCoy. You may read the full interview here.